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Top 4 Most Expensive CS Knives Skins Ever

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Counter-Strike is mostly known for the spectacular aspect of the esport side, gathering hundreds and thousands of players and fans in arenas all around the world, with multiple big tournaments like the Majors, IEMs and Blast. But there is also another side of the game that is making big money, and is gathering a solid community, Trading, with the use of a parallel market to trade and sell in-game skins, with certain skins going up to 1.5 millions dollars.

This blog will guide you through the most expensive knives skins of Counter-Strike, so get ready to be surprised ! It will be going from the least expensive to the legendary 1.5 millions dollar knife !


But before going over the skins, let’s put some context on what type of knives exist in Counter-Strike !

Let’s first make a list of all the knives available in the game ! You will find in Counter-Strike 19 differents knives among the Karambit, the M9 Bayonet, the Bayonet, the Butterfly Knife, the Gut Knife, the Falchion Knife, the Stiletto Knife, the Huntsman Knife, the Bowie Knife, the Skeleton Knife, the Nomad Knife, the Survival Knife, the Paracord Knife, the Classic Knife, the Shadow Daggers, the Ursus Knife, the Talon Knife, the Navaja Knife and the Flip Knife. All knives have their skins variant, making a grand total of more than 390 skins to choose from in total !

N°4 : The Marble Fades

The Marble Fade skinline is very popular among the community for the vibrant colors and the generative pattern that is coming with each knife, among those patterns are the sought after Ice and Fire patterns, including only Red and Blue colors on the side that is seen the most in game !  Those patterns are available on Karambits, Flip, Gut and Bayonet knives only, making it even rarer !

Karambits Ice and Fire with a good float value (less than 0.007) and a good Ice and Fire pattern (412) can go up to 3,000 $, Bayonets for around 1000$, Gut for around 600$ and Flip Knives for around 800$.

N° 3 : The Crimson Webs

Vastly known around the community for their black and red webs, the Crimson webs skins are available on all the knives skins and some weapon skins ! This skin also comes with generative patterns, making it exciting because you can randomly get multiple or no “webs” on the knife. 

Crimson web knives are coming in all the qualities available in the game, but very rare in only one, the Factory New condition ! A good StatTrak Factory New Crimson Web Karambit skin can go up to 20,000$, as well as a good Bayonet Crimson Web and the most expensive Crimson Web skin is the M9 bayonet StatTrak Factory New coming at around 27,000$ !

N° 2 : The Doppler GEMS

Doppler Gems are coming from a specific pattern coming from the Doppler Skin line, Dopplers are available in 4 phases, all having random patterns that are giving more or less colors to the skin. Doppler skins are made by the combination of three colors, red, blue and black, all becoming majority in the different phase, respectively black and red for phase 1, red for phase 2, black and blue for phase 3 and blue for phase 4. There is also the Gamma Doppler Variant, in green, working the same way as the normal Doppler, with the difference being a green and light blue colorway, instead of the red and blue.

Gems are specific variants of those patterns, making the knives fully Red, known as Ruby, Blue, known as Sapphire, Green, known as Emerald or Black, known as Black Pearl with a very low chance of finding the right pattern ! Those gems are selling for the pricey fee of 12,500$ for a M9 Bayonet Sapphire, 14,000$ for a Butterfly Sapphire,10,000$ for a M9 Bayonet Ruby and around 12,000$ for a Karambit Black Pearl !

N° 1 : The Case Hardened Blue Gems

Case hardened skinline is one of the most popular skinline coming of the CS:GO era, because of their blue gems variants. Case hardened are skins that are pattern based and some of those patterns give the skin an all blue shade !

Case Hardened Skins are available on all the knives, as well as on Gloves, AK-47,the MAC-10 and the Five-Seven, giving you the opportunity to see unique patterns on each different weapons, like the Famous AK-47 Case Hardened Scar Pattern (#553 pattern), selling for a wide range of prices, going from 20,000$ to more than a 100,000$

And of course, knives with this pattern have even more value than the famous AK-47 Scar Pattern, with the most famous one being the Karambit Blue Gem, with some editions of the knife selling for more than a 1.5 million Dollars, like the Factory New Karambit Case Hardened Blue Gem with the pattern number 387, with the blade entirely covered of blue, basically the most expensive skin to have ever been discovered !