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  • STILETTO – Fade

  • STILETTO – Lore

  • STILETTO – Night

  • STILETTO – Slaughter

  • STILETTO – Tiger Tooth

  • STILETTO – Vanilla


About Real CS Stiletto Knives

Seen for the first time in Italy around the 15th Century, Stiletto knives were long daggers with a thin blade. The Counter Strike model of the Stiletto is inspired by Italian and Corsican knives, with a side folded blade, more commonly known as an italian switchblade, used for various uses around the world ! Greatly modernized through the 20th century, the Stiletto kept only the name from its original counterpart and became an automatic folding blade, getting out of its handle from the front of the side.

Stiletto Knives came in 2018 on CS:GO with the Horizon Update. The knife quickly became popular due to his particular shape and satisfying animations in the stage, in the hands of famous professional players such as S1mple, Elige, KennyS. The Stiletto is also very coveted in skin collectors inventory for the Doppler Gems Variants and the Blue gem patterns, making the blade fully blue !

Knify puts the best effort at giving you the most realistic and reliable version of the knife ! We are also giving you the opportunity to personalize your knife, while staying true to CS:GO, with a NameTag, and a StatTrak, making your Stiletto unique and meaningful for you !

Coming in the most popular skin variants of CS:GO, you will find 6 options to choose from on the Stiletto, namely the Tiger Tooth, Night, Vanilla, Marble Fade, Lore and Slaughter variants ! We are carefully selecting the right painting and engraving to make your Stiletto look as good as its in game counterpart ! Stiletto only comes in a sharp variant, with one side of the blade being sharp !