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Doppler Blackpearl

  • KARAMBIT – Blackpearl

  • BUTTERFLY – Blackpearl

  • FLIP KNIFE – Blackpearl

  • M9 BAYONET – Blackpearl


About real CS Doppler Blackpearl skins

Member of the Doppler Gems Familly, the Black Pearl is the darkest variant of the four, consisting of the Ruby, the Emerald, the Ruby and the Black Pearl ! In term of in-game odds pattern, it is the rarest with odds around 1 out of 120 000, making them one of the rarest knives of the game ! Their color oscillates between deep blue and black depending on the reflections, with also some red sometimes.

We chose to provide you one of the best looking pattern here at Knify, with a deep blue blade and a red tip, with some dark notes ! Black Pearl skins are available on the Butterfly Knife, the Karambit Knife, the M9 Bayonet and the Flip Knife !