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  • BOWIE – Blue Steel

  • BOWIE – Fade

  • BOWIE – Lore

  • BOWIE – Night

  • BOWIE – Slaughter

  • BOWIE – Tiger Tooth


About Real CS Bowie Knives

With his name coming from the famous American colonel James Bowie, the bowie knife is recognizable with his long and impressive blade with a clip point end and a rather large handle. Although the form of the blade was used in Europe for a very long time, it has been named after James Bowie, and has been called like that since !

Greatly popularized by various actions movies, the Bowie Knife is now anchored in pop culture as a reliable knife, often used by villains, mostly by hunters. But as always, what is popular in pop culture also makes its way to the video game side. Thatโ€™s why we can find the Bowie knife in some of the most successful and popular video game series like Call of Duty, Metal Gear Solid and Counter Strike !

In Counter Strike : Global Offensive, the Bowie Knife has been introduced as a stand-alone knife in the Wildfire collection shipped in 2016 with the namesake operation. The CS:GO variant of the bowie knife is recognizable with its large blade, the clip point end, and the spikes on the top side, made for urgent survival situations and very popular across the pro players community or collectors !

Here at Knify, we do everything we can to offer you the most realistic and reliable version of the knife ! This Bowie Knife comes with an 18 cm 3CR13 steel blade, with the iconic bowie handle, made in ABS sturdy plastic. To add to the tally, you can also personalize the knife with a StatTrak, a NameTag or both in order to get a knife as close as the one you own in game !

Of course, this knife comes with a variety of skins that are available in game, such as the Lore, Tiger Tooth, Night or Fade versions, giving you a wide look on which knife you want to put in your collection ! We are putting all our efforts in providing you with the best quality skins, and to make it happen, we are carefully selecting the right painting, engraving and coating to ensure you that the knife looks as good as its in-game counterpart, available in sharp or dull variants !