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Doppler Emerald

  • HUNTSMAN – Emerald

  • KARAMBIT – Emerald

  • BUTTERFLY – Emerald


About real CS Doppler Emerald skins

Member of the Doppler Gems familly, the Emerald is the green gem version of the Doppler knives, consisting in the Emerald, the Ruby, the Sapphire and the Black Pearl ! It is the only gem obtained in the Gamma Doppler Familly, and thus one of the most seeked, but one of the most common due to the odds. Emerald are tainted in a shiny green color, with some dark reflexions, ressembling a real emerald gem !

As always, we chose the best pattern possible for our Emeralds here at Knify, available on the Butterfly Knife, the Karambit Knife and the Huntsman Knife !