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Doppler Sapphire

  • HUNTSMAN – Sapphire

  • KARAMBIT – Sapphire

  • BUTTERFLY – Sapphire


About real CS Doppler Sapphire skins

Member of the Doppler Gems familly, the Sapphire is the blue version of the Doppler knives, consisting in the Emerald, the Ruby, the Sapphire and the Black Pearl ! Sapphires are tainted in a blue and black color, making it look like the gemstone, sharing a notorious place in collectors mind, as one of the most popular and most “common” with more than 2000 in existence !

As always we chose the best looking pattern possible here at Knify, to make your Sapphire look as good as it’s in-game counterpart, available on the Karambit Knife, the Huntsman Knife and the Butterfly Knife !