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  • TALON – Fade

  • TALON – Lore

  • TALON – Night

  • TALON – Slaughter

  • TALON – Tiger Tooth


About Real CS Talon Knives

Sharing the same story as his brother, the Karambit, the Talon is the modern version of the well known knife, adding some changes to the style and functions. The blade is larger, and features teeth on the top edge as well as holes just under. Talon Knife also has an ivory-handle with brass rivets, giving it a more premium look adding aesthetics to the already good looking knife. Just like the Karambit, the Talon has two favorite holding options, the common hold by putting your index in the hole, and the rest of your hand on the handle, and the “reverse”, by putting your pinky into the hole and the rest of your hand on the handle, resulting in the knife being the other way around !

Added in 2018 with the Panorama update and the Horizon Case, the Talon Knife is bonded with the Karambit, and thus, became as popular, if not more, launching it on the top of the popular knives among the pro scene with the likes of G2 star player Niko, the 5 times Major Winner Dupreeh or FaZe in-game leader Karrigan ! Talon is also popular among collectors because of the case hardened “Oceano” Variant, making the knife a literal Blue Gem, shining bright when swiping through the screen !

Knify is the only website providing you with the most realistic and reliable versions of the knife ! The Talon Knife comes with a 14.5 cm, non foldable, 3CR13 steel hardened blade, and an ABS handle to hold your knife comfortably. We are also giving you the opportunity to add a StatTrak and a NameTag to your knife, to make it more unique and meaningful to you, like in Counter Strike !

Coming in various skins such as the Lore, Fade and Tiger Tooth, Talons are a great addition to your collection, and you will have a handful of skins to choose from ! We make sure to offer you the best quality skins, selecting and picking the right painting and engraving to make the knife look as good as its in-game variant, Talons are available in dull and sharp Variants !