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Crimson Web

  • BUTTERFLY – Crimson Web

  • HUNTSMAN – Crimson Web

  • KARAMBIT – Crimson Web

  • Slide – Crimson Web

  • Slide NE – Crimson Web


About real CS Crimson Web skins

Crimson Web is one the most renowned and appreciated skinline of Counter Strike, with his deep-red color and black webs on it ! Crimson Web skins are part of the first ever CS skins that have been introduced in the game in 2013, and have been very popular since then, with the like of Shox, using a M9 Bayonet Crimson Web in countless tournaments over the years ! With Multiple or no webs on the blade, this skin can go up to 27 000€ like the M9 Bayonet Crimson Web StatTrak Factory New !

This skin is available here at Knify on the Butterfly, Huntsman and Karambit Knives, aswell as on the Slide and Slide NE mousepads !