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  • SKELETON – Fade

  • SKELETON – Lore

  • SKELETON – Night

  • SKELETON – Tiger Tooth

  • SKELETON – Slaughter


About Real CS Skeleton Knives

Introduced with the Shattered Web Operation in 2019, the Skeleton knife quickly rose as one of the most popular knives due to his specific form and the spinning animation. The center hole in the knife is what is making it so special, coming along an aperated handle made of black adhesive making it more comfortable to hold ! Some pro players are using it, like for example Dupreeh the five times major winner, Shiro or even FlameZ !

Here at Knify, we want to make sure you get the most realistic and reliable versions of the knife ! This Skeleton knife comes with a 9.8 cm, 3CR13 steel blade and a rubber adhesive handle, all in one piece, making the knife around 20 cm long in total ! You’ll find a StatTrak option available for your knife making it as close as possible to his in-game version !

This Skeleton knife comes with a variety of skins for you to choose from like Lore, Fade and Vanilla ! We are putting the effort in providing you with the best quality knives with a careful selection of every paint, engraving and coating to make the knife look just as good as its in-game counterpart. Skeletons knives are coming in dull version only, to protect you from cutting yourself when doing tricks !