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  • URSUS – Fade

  • URSUS – Lore

  • URSUS – Night

  • URSUS – Slaughter

  • URSUS – Tiger Tooth


About Real CS Ursus Knives

Taking its inspiration from the Japanese Tantล blade, the Ursus Knife is a mix of different cultures, with a multi faceted blade, small dents on the start of the blade and a sturdy handle with an impact pommel on the back ! This knife has been designed to be used anywhere, from a jungle to a desert or simply in your backyard forest.

Ursus Knife arrived in CS:GO with the Panorama UI update and the Horizon Case. The minimalist look of the knife made it very popular around the community, with pro players using it on big stages such as Faze Clan entry fragger Rain, OG player FASHR and Heroic support Sjuush ! Just like the other knives, Ursus is very popular in his Blue Gem case hardened version, making the blade blue in his integrality !

Here at Knify, we are focused on making the most realistic and reliable version of the knife ! You will find on this Ursus knife a 11.5 cm, 3CR13 steel blade, with an ABS handle, making the knife 24.5 cm long in total. You will also have the opportunity to personalize your knife by adding a StatTrak and a NameTag, making it meaningful for you, and as close as possible to its in-game counterpart !

Of course, Ursus knives come with a variety of skins to choose from, like the Fade, Tiger Tooth or Slaughter finishes ! Made from our careful selection of materials, finishes and engravings, Ursus knives are as close as possible to their in-game counterpart, being available in sharp and dull variants !