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  • GUT – Blue Steel

  • GUT – Fade

  • GUT – Lore

  • GUT – Night

  • GUT – Slaughter

  • GUT – Tiger Tooth


About Real CS Gut Knives

Used as a Hunting tool, the Gut knife is easily recognizable with its Gut Hook, positioned at the top of the blade. This extremity has been sharpened to make the use easier and optimized to be also used to pick up pots from a cook fire when away in the wild without burning you.

The Gut Knife in CS:GO is no different, coming with the Gut hook, and making its entry in the game in the Arms Deal update as one of the five original knives cosmetics back in 2013 ! Since then, the Gut knife has been used by various pros in big tournaments, such as Virtus Pro former members PashaBiceps, Taz and Byali or the brazilian sniper and in-game leader FalleN !

Here at Knify, we put the effort into giving you the most realistic and reliable version of the knife you want ! You’ll find on the knife an 11.5 cm, 3CR13 steel blade, and a varnished wood handle, making the knife 23cm long in total ! We are also giving you the opportunity to personalize your knife, while staying true to CS:GO with a NameTag, and a StatTrak, making your Gut Knife unique and meaningful for you !

Gut knives come in the most popular skin variants, such as Blue Steel, Lore or Vanilla, giving you the choice of what knife will come in your collection !

We do everything we can in order to give you the best quality skins, and to make it happen we are carefully picking the right painting and engraving to make the knife look as good as your favorite in-game item, available in sharp and dull variants !