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Best Real CS2 Knives

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Our advantages

More than 200 skins and 16 categories

We offer by far the widest choice of Real CS knives and skins. However, we continue to expand our catalog regularly with new releases !

Unique & exclusive knives and skins

In order to offer perfect and unique replicas, we design all of the knife models and skins ourselves and use our own molds during manufacturing.

Crafted with High quality materials

We use quality materials such as 3CR13 Steel or ABS. Each stage of manufacture and assembly is carefully controlled.

NameTag & StatTrak customization

Just like in the game, you can have the StatTrak of your choice engraved by hand on the blade and also the NameTag on the handle.

Sharp and Dull blade versions

You have the choice between a sharp blade if you want a functional knife or a dull blade if you are a fan of tricks or if you simply want a decorative replica.

Awesome package & accessories

Each knife has its specific box to fit at best. An exclusive Knify microfiber cloth is included in each box, each knife has also a perfectly fitted sheath.

Lastest drop

  • Tactical Prism Blue Steel IRL - Box - Real Valorant KnivesTactical Prism Blue Steel IRL - Real Valorant Knives

    TACTICAL KNIFE – Prism Blue

  • Classic Knife Tiger Tooth IRL - Box - Real CS2 KnivesClassic Knife Tiger Tooth IRL - Real CS2 Knives

    CLASSIC – Tiger Tooth

  • Tactical Prism Night IRL - Box - Real Valorant KnivesTactical Prism Night IRL - Real Valorant Knives

    TACTICAL KNIFE – Default

  • Classic Knife Slaughter IRL - Box - Real CS2 KnivesClassic Knife Slaughter IRL - Real CS2 Knives

    CLASSIC – Slaughter

  • Tactical Prism Fade IRL - Box - Real Valorant KnivesTactical Prism Fade IRL - Real Valorant Knives

    TACTICAL KNIFE – Prism Fade

  • Skeleton Tiger Tooth IRL - Box - Real CS2 KnivesSkeleton Tiger Tooth IRL - Real CS2 Knives

    SKELETON – Tiger Tooth

  • Classic Knife Lore IRL - Box - Real CS2 KnivesClassic Knife Lore IRL - Real CS2 Knives

    CLASSIC – Lore

  • Classic Knife Fade IRL - Box - Real CS2 KnivesClassic Knife Fade IRL - Real CS2 Knives

    CLASSIC – Fade



Approved by pro players…

Home kennyS

kennyS about Knify

“I’ve been following the Knify adventure from the start, they’re real Counter Strike and skins enthusiasts. And by the ways really good guys ! They daily do an incredible job and offer beautiful, very faithful and high quality replicas to the community. I own a number of irl csgo knives and love them all. I’m proud and happy to support this amazing project !

– Kenny Schrub

…and the community

There are over 50 000 Knify lovers out there ! Here’s what a few of them had to say :


Top 4 Most Expensive CS Knives Skins Ever

banniere most expensive

Counter-Strike is mostly known for the spectacular aspect of the esport side, gathering hundreds and thousands of players and fans in arenas all around the world, with multiple big tournaments like the Majors, IEMs and Blast. But there is also…


Knify is a young French company founded in 2016 by Esport fans and Counter Strike enthousiasts. All of us have spent hundreds of hours in game and we follow the esports scene on a daily basis. Some of us are level 10 Faceit 😎 We can say that we know skins like no one !

Our goal is to provide the most amazing Real CS knives replicas, with high quality materials, huge choice (+200 different skins in stock) and unique options, such as StatTrak and Nametag.

We want our products to be as close as possible as the knives you could find in game !

Know more on Knify

Yes, our replicas are real knives, made of steel.

You have the choice between a sharp blade if you want a functional knife. But you can also opt for a dull blade if you are a fan of tricks or if you simply want a decorative replica for example. Another option that we are the only ones to offer ! 😉

Here the detailed list by categories :

  • Sharp or dull version : Karambit, Huntsman, Gut, Bowie, M9 Bayonet, Talon, Ursus, Bayonet, Tactical, Classic.
  • Only sharp version : Flip, Falchion, Stiletto.
  • Only dull version : Butterfly, Shadow Daggers, Skeleton.

We are convinced that our products are the best and that our prices are fair 🙌 That’s the reason why we never smash prices, but we do small discounts during sales seasons or Black Friday on a specific selection of knives.

If you want to make sure not to miss them you can subscribe to the newsletter and follow us on our social medias.

🌎 We deliver fast and at the best price in the +30 following countries (A-Z) :

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.

Know more on shipping

All the knives on the website can only be sold to someone aged at least 18 years old.

By placing an order and accepting our terms and conditions, you declare that you are not a minor. We may ask you to send a copy of your ID before we ship your order.

The laws and regulations concerning the purchase of knives are different in each country, it is the responsibility of the customer to check those laws and regulations of the country of destination.

We cannot be held responsible if a parcel is blocked at customs.

In the same way you have to check laws and regulations regarding knives use and carry in your country.

Instagram Gut Knife & Bowie IRL - Real CS2 KnivesInstagram Butterfly Knife IRL - Real CS2 KnivesInstagram Huntsman Knife IRL - Real CS2 KnivesInstagram Karambit Knife & Gut IRL - Real CS2 KnivesInstagram M9 Bayonet Knife IRL - Real CS2 Knives