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  • BAYONET – Fade

  • BAYONET – Lore

  • BAYONET – Night

  • BAYONET – Slaughter

  • BAYONET – Tiger Tooth

  • BAYONET – Vanilla


About Real CS Bayonet Knives

Adopted in 1986 by the US Army, the Bayonet was first produced under the name “Phrobis III”. Used as a multi-use tool on the battlefield, it quickly became the soldiers most reliable ally ! Capable of cutting through steel wires, thin steel and chop wood, it was also directly attached to the U.S. Army rifles, with the clip directly included on the handle of the knife making it a long and close distance combat weapon !

Now popularized by Counter Strike : Global Offensive, the Bayonet has two variants in the game : The Bayonet and the “classic“ Bayonet. Differentiated by the distinctive teeths on the top side of the blade, the two knives were introduced early in the skins collections, enabling them to be popular choices among the community ! Considered as one of the knives with the most satisfying animation when you pull it out, CS pros like the Bayonet and many players from the likes of Hobbit, Shroud and NBK using it on official matches

Here at Knify, we are doing all the efforts necessary to offer you the most realistic and reliable version of your favorite knives. You will find a 19.5 cm, non foldable, 3CR13 steel blade, with a comfortable ABS handle and all the specific commodities of the bayonets such as the functional clip system and the famous hole in the handle. Our goal is to make our knives as close as possible to reality. StatTrak and NameTag options are also available, just like in the game !

If you have a favorite skin, you will most likely find it here with the most popular skins variants, such as Doppler Gems, Blue Gem, Lore, Fade and even Slaughter, made in the best materials possible to give you a realistic and clean finish ! We are carefully picking the right painting, engraving and coating to ensure that your knife looks as good as his in-game counterpart, available in sharp and dull variants !