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  • CLASSIC – Fade

  • CLASSIC – Lore

  • CLASSIC – Slaughter

  • CLASSIC – Tiger Tooth

  • CLASSIC – Night


About Real CS Classic Knives

Coming from the mind of a genius knifemaker, Mick Striders, in the early 2000’s, the Classic knife is actually based on a real knife looking exactly like this one, made for a knife creator contest, the Blade Show ! Called “Badlands Bowie” by the maker, the knife is made in a Stellite and Titanium alloy, with a fossilized mastodon Ivory handle held in place by a carbon fiber pocket !

The unique look of the knife quickly interested Valve, and the knife arrived in Counter Strike 1.6, then became the historic knife of the game. It came on CS:GO with the CS20 update, on October 18th 2019, to celebrate the 20 years of the franchise ! Due to its unique look and the nostalgy it is procurring to the players, it quickly came back as one of the most popular knives to be used, with the likes of Spinx, tabseN and Syrson playing with the knife on the competitive side !

Our mission here at Knify is to provide you the most realistic and reliable version of the knife, this classic knife is coming with a 21 cm, 3CR13 Steel Blade, with an ABS handle made to ressemble to most the original one, making the knife around 34.5 cm long in total ! We are also giving you the opportunity to personnalize your knife with a StatTrak and a NameTag, making this Classic Knife meaningful for you !

Coming in the most popular skin variants in CS, such as the Fade, Night or Slaughter skins, you will have plenty of choices to chose from ! We are putting all our efforts on providing you with the best quality knives, selecting the right painting, coating and engraving to make the knives look as good as their in-game counterpart ! Classic Knives are coming in Dull and Sharp variants, depending on your needs !