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The StatTrak is an option that we are the only ones to offer, engraved directly on the blade by hand for added realism and still located precisely in the same place as the StatTrak of the In-game knives.

In CS: GO, obtaining a knife with StatTrak is very rare and significantly increases its price. The StatTrak is a counter that allows you to know the number of kills made with this knife. It can be added to absolutely all Knify knives and you can engrave up to 3 digits between 0 and 9.

So just tell us what you want to see engraved on your knife and leave it to us !

Products that have been personalized (StatTrak, NameTag) cannot be returned under any circumstances.


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The perfect replica of the Real CS:GO Classic Knife ★ | Lore skin. Finally enjoy your favorite CS Knives In Real Life (IRL) !

Nametag & StatTrak compatible
Fixed blade
Titanium Plating - Laser engraved
3CR13 Steel Blade
Nylon Glass Fiber Handle
Sharp or dull ? Up to you, we have designed both versions of the blade, cutting or non-cutting.
Customize your knife and make it unique by adding a NameTag or StatTrak !
Complete with :
Universal Stand 14.90 Add
Classic Sheath 7.90 Add
Collections :

The real CLASSIC – Lore knife

Discover the historic Counter Strike knife, now in real life !

Accurate dimensions

We design all our knives to be as close to reality as possible, respecting the dimensions and proportions of in-game knives to create skins with unrivaled realism. The Classic measures 34.5 cm to perfectly look like the Classic from CS. It's one of the largest CS knives.

StatTrak & NameTag

Like in the game, you can add a StatTrak and indicate the number of kills your knife has made and/or add a NameTag with the nickname or text of your choice. We will engrave them to make your Classic knife unique.

Ultra-detailed knives and skins

The handle is identical to the in-game Classic, the reliefs and all the details. We always design not only the most faithful skins, but also the rarest and most beautiful of each pattern variation.

Tailor-made packaging and accessories

Each knife has its specific box to fit at best. An exclusive Knify microfiber is included in each box, each knife may also have a perfectly fitted sheath and a stand to highlight it.


KNIFE TYPE : Classic


KNIFE SIZE : 345mm x 35mm x 15mm
BLADE SIZE : 200mm x 35mm x 4mm
WEIGHT : 120 grams


BLADE : 3CR13 Steel
HANDLE : Nylon Glass Fiber Handle
BLADE FINISH : Titanium Plating - Laser engraved

What's in the box

BOX : Tailor made KNIFY case
CLOTH : Knify Microfiber with Knives skins
STICKER : To show your belonging to the Knify community

We craft perfect knives

We offer ultra detailled products with unique design, high quality materials and perfect finish,
delivered with tailor-made packaging and accessories.

In order to offer perfect and unique replicas, we design all of the knife models and skins
and use our own molds during manufacturing.

We are the only one to bring exclusive Nametag & StatTrak customization and
also unsharpened version of our knives.

1 review for CLASSIC – Lore

  1. Antoine

    Just received this knife and I should say it’s amazing ! The details, the color, the nametag. Everything is perfect !

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