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Our advantages

Our own 3D knife models

Nos avantages 3D

Knives just like those in-game !

In order to offer perfect and unique replicas, we design all of the knife models ourselves and use our own molds during manufacturing. Thus, our knives are larger, more detailed and of better quality than those of our competitors.

For the Karambit, for example, we respected the in-game dimensions as well as every detail such as the red dot or the aspect of the handle.

We even reproduced the different logos at the base of the blades of Bowie, Flip or Shadow Daggers.

For even more resemblance with the in-game knives you can personalize your KNIFY knife with a NameTag and/or a StatTrak. 🤩

We design every skin

KNIFY Nos avantages Design

Skins crafted down to the smallest detail

We work on the design of each skin, these are our skins and we are the only ones who can use them. Shades of colors, shapes, placement… nothing is left to chance ! In addition, we always reproduce the rarest patterns in the game for exceptional skins. Several samples are often necessary before reaching the final skin, which must be perfect 👌

We use several different application techniques depending on the skin : titanium plating, premium painting, laser engraving… and sometimes a mix of techniques for the same skin to achieve the best possible result.

We are the only ones to offer a different skin pattern on each side of the blade ! This is the case on Marble Fade Ice & Fire skins 🔥

Custom packaging

Nos avantages package

Our boxes have been designed for each knife

The inside is important too ! Each knife has its specific box to fit at best. They are kept in a foam box, the knives are protected from everything, shocks, scratches, etc. An exclusive KNIFY microfiber cloth is included in each box, it is perfect for cleaning your CS knife.

Each knife has a clean, perfectly fitted sheath that can be purchased separately.

Customizable knives

Nos avantages stattraknametag

Make your knife unique !

The KNIFY Counter-Strike Knives are customizable just like in the game. You can have the StatTrak of your choice engraved directly on the blade to indicate the number of frags your knife has made, a number that must be between 0 and 999. For more realism we make this engraving by hand !

You can also add your nickname or any text to the NameTag on the handle of the knives. This engraving is carried out using a special extremely precise machine.

A tailor-made service that we are the only ones to offer ✌️

Premium quality

KNIFY Nos avantages Qualite

We want to offer the best to our customers

Beyond our requirements in terms of 3D models and skins, we use quality materials such as 3CR13 Steel for blades, this steel is characterized by good corrosion resistance, coupled with extreme high strength and hardness or ABS – Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene for handles. Whenever possible, we favor single-piece block for added strength.

Each stage of manufacture and assembly is carefully controlled. A final check is made before each shipment to ensure that the product is perfect, if this is not the case we put it aside.

Sharp or dull version

Nos avantages sharpdull

An unique option to satisfy the greatest number.

You have the choice between a sharp blade if you want a functional knife. But you can also opt for a dull blade if you are a fan of tricks or if you simply want a decorative replica for example.

Another option that we are the only ones to offer ! 🌟

The hardest is to choose

KNIFY Nos avantages

16 knife categories and more than 200 skins

With +200 skins we offer by far the widest choice of Counter-Strike knives and skins, not to mention the different versions and options available.

However, we continue to expand our catalog regularly with new releases of knives and skins, especially according to the new skins that appear in the game !

We want to satisfy as many fans as possible and if you particularly like a skin, it is very likely that you will find it on and if not, it is certainly only a matter of time !😉

Stocks in France

KNIFY Nos avantages Stock

That allow us to deliver every customer quickly and affordably

Our offices and warehouse are located in France in the Paris region. This is where all orders are prepared, each product is checked by us before being shipped in suitable packaging 📦

All the products on our website are in our stocks, we don’t do drop shipping to ensure the best shopping experience and the best service to our customers.

Shipments are made the same day for orders placed before 3 p.m. (Central European Time) The packages will therefore arrive at your home some days later ! We only work with trusted french and worldwide carriers 🚚

All customer service is done in English and we are accessible by different ways : emails, social networks, chat