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NameTag & StatTrak

From the start, we have been offering the most realistic Counter-Strike knives on the market, and this is why we added the same customizations as in the game.

We worked on the 3D models of all our knives to add a NameTag plate exactly where it is on the In-game knives ! Our 3D models being exclusives, we are today the only ones able to add this personalization.

The StatTrak is also an option that we are the only ones to offer, engraved directly on the blade by hand for added realism and still located precisely in the same place as the StatTrak of the In-game knives.

Real CS Knives StatTrak and NameTag

The NameTag

Realization of NameTag

As in game, you can add a Nametag engraved on your CS knife to make it unique.

You can engrave up to 12 characters on the plate located on the handle. Whether it’s your first name, your nickname, a message, or whatever comes to your mind, we can engrave it.

We use a special machine assisted by computer and equipped with a very fine drill for more precision and a perfect rendering ! The text is clearly visible and will never be erased, once the engraving is finished we firmly screw the plate back on the handle of the knife.

The NameTag plate is removable which means you can change it from knife to knife and even order the plate only if you want a new NameTag. It will be delivered to you with the appropriate screwdriver which will allow you to make the change yourself by unscrewing the two screws on both sides of the plate.

So just tell us what you want to see engraved on your knife and leave it to us ! 👌

The StatTrak

Realization of StatTrak

In Counter-Strike, obtaining a knife with StatTrak is very rare and significantly increases its price. The StatTrak is a counter that allows you to know the number of kills made with this knife. It can be added to absolutely all Knify knives and you can engrave up to 3 digits between 0 and 9 !

The number(s) are engraved directly on the blade, right where it is in the game. We have taken over the font but also the writing style !

For the perfect likeness, each engraving is done by hand using a Dremel.

Example of NameTag and StatTrak