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  • Sold OutButterfly Knife Ultraviolet IRL - Box - Real CS2 KnivesButterfly Knife Ultraviolet IRL - Real CS2 Knives

    BUTTERFLY – Ultraviolet


About Real Ultraviolet skins - CS2 IRL Replica

When minimalism meets sobriety, the Ultraviolet skin has been released in 2015 with the Full Chroma update ! It is ressembling the Night skin, with a matte black finish and violet accents on the handle, to give a the skin a look that is ressembling ultraviolet lights, and making it very sober.

As always, here at Knify we chose the best method possible to make the Ultraviolet skin look like in the game, with the violet accents on the handle and the matte black finish ! It is available on the Butterfly Knife !