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  • Sold OutButterfly Knife Freehand IRL - Box - Real CS2 KnivesButterfly Knife Freehand IRL - Real CS2 Knives

    BUTTERFLY – Freehand


About Real Freehand skins - CS2 IRL Replica

First appeared in the Gamma Exposure update in June 2016, the Freehand skinline is made out of a purple paint and graffiti pattern made out of a permanent marker ! Patterns are generated randomly and some of them are very recognizible, like the M9 bayonet saying “stealth”, or the stickman for example ! It is available on all the OG knives, and each knife has his unique pattern specification.

As always, we chose the best pattern possible for our Freehand knives, with a special paint with perfect quality, ressembling the skin as much as possible ! It is available on the Butterfly Knife !