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Doppler Phase 2

  • BUTTERFLY – Doppler Phase 2

  • HUNTSMAN – Doppler Phase 2

  • KARAMBIT – Doppler Phase 2


About real CS Doppler Phase 2 skins

Phase 2 Doppler skins are players favorite of the doppler skinline apart from the Doppler Gems, with his dark red and black colorway ! Some phase 2 dopplers can ressemble galaxies, like the sought after “Pink Galaxy pattern” with pink reflections and very little to no black on the blade ! Phase 2 Doppler are often considered as the most expensive doppler phase, due to the unique colorways it allows and the looks of the knives !

As always we chose the best looking pattern possible here at Knify, available on the Butterfly Knife, Huntsman Knife and Karambit Knife !