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  • Sold OutSlide Asiimov - Mousepad - KNIFYSlide Asiimov - Mousepad - KNIFY

    Slide – Asiimov

  • Sold OutSlide NE Asiimov - Mousepad - KNIFYSlide NE Asiimov - Mousepad - KNIFY

    Slide NE – Asiimov


About Real Asiimov skins - CS2 IRL Replica

Based on the science fiction author Isaac Asimov, the Asiimov skin pattern quickly made its way as one of the favorite skins of the CS community, with his futuristic look and the orange white and black colorway, it’s available on various guns in the game since 2013 like the famous AWP Asiimov, made famous because of the unique style of the weapon, and also the fact that KennyS, the legendary french sniper, was using one named “Magic Stick“!

You can find the skin on our mousepads here at Knify, with the Slide and the Slide 2 Asiimov, made with a specific custom asiimov pattern looking gorgeous on a desk !