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Knives Skins used by the top 3 Pro teams and 5 other Pros

Let’s review what skins are used by the best CS pros on the planet, from Karambits to M9 bayonets, including Ursus and Skeletons knives !

banniere knives used by pros

Team Vitality

To start it right, let’s begin with the most recent Major Champions, Team Vitality, and what are the favorite knives skins of the last team to ever win a CS:GO Major !

Starting with Vitality’s oldest player, the captain of the squad, the one and only apEX ! He has been holding one of his knives for a very long time, surviving through tournaments and rosters, the famous M9 Bayonet Doppler, with a phase 4 pattern.

Coming up next on the list is the favorite sniper of your favorite sniper, the last major MVP of CS:GO, best player in the world for the year 2019 and 2020, you guessed it : Zywoo ! Holding some of the crown jewels of skins collectors, Zywoo’s inventory is topped by a wonderful Karambit Emerald, matching with the Hedge Maze Gloves !

Latest addition to the roster, anchor and youngest player of the roster, impressing everyone with his raw aim, FlameZ is holding three of the rarest knives of the game, with the Karambit Emerald, Karambit Fade and Ursus Ruby skins !

Coming from the same country, and with the same amount of skill, if not even more, and an impressive third professional year, topped with the Paris Major Crown, is Spinx ! He is holding in his inventory one the rarest skins, and one of the oldest knives to have ever existed in the CS franchise, namely the Karambit Sapphire and the Classic Knife Fade.

And the last member of the roster, the Viking from Denmark, the 4-time Major winner, Magisk, rocking with some of the most underrated skins in the game, with the Bayonet Gamma Doppler Phase 3, and the Flip Knife Doppler Phase 1 !

Faze Clan

Next team on the list are the champions of the IEM Sydney 2023, and 2022 major winners, Faze Clan !

Let’s start with one of the most emblematic in-game leaders of the game, the Danish superstar leading roster after roster to victory, the man himself, Karrigan ! Karrigan has been holding in his inventory his favorite skin for a lot of years, a M9 Bayonet Marble Fade !

Alongside him for a long time is Rain, the Norwegian superstar, still finding impact and kills in every game, and doing so with style with his M9 Ruby and Sapphire, and also his Skeleton Fade, letting him choose what knife he will use on his next game !

Next up on the list is the Estonian Superstar, Ropz, the guy that delivers multikill after multikill, making it to the top 10 players of the year 3 times in the last five years, and was also in top 20 the other times ! Ropz is always styling with a full red inventory, and chose the Karambit Ruby to fit right into the theme !

Only player that became double winner of an Intel Grand Slam, Twistzz is also the most awarded North American player in the history of CS:GO, and his title will not be contested, making its way to the top 20 players 4 times in the last 5 years ! Twistzz is rocking a Butterfly Emerald, as well as a M9 Bayonet Sapphire, matching his inventory with stylish expensive knives !

Rounding up the lineup is Broky, the AWPer of the team, who quickly became a reference in the scene, by his consistency and his approach to the game ! He climbed to be ranked number 6 best player in 2022, carrying Faze to victory at the Antwerp Major, and doing it in style with his emblematic Butterfly Fade !

G2 Esports

Third Emblematic team of 2023 is G2, winners of the IEM Katowice and the IEM Cologne this year, two of the most prestigious tournaments in the game !

When talking about G2, it is now hard to not talk about the one tap machine, best opener in the world, Niko, ranked amongst the best players to have ever played CS:GO, staying around the top 5 best players for some years now ! Niko is styling on his opponents with a Butterfly Fade, and also a stiletto Doppler, to match whatever skin he wishes to play !

And when we talk about Niko, it’s obvious to talk about his cousin Hunter, the duo has been at an all time high in terms of performances, one tapping through all the opponents that are crossing the road of the duo ! Hunter’s favorite knives are the M9 Bayonets Tiger Tooth and Slaughter, and the knives choice is for the moment crowned with success in games !

Youngest player in the roster, but as talented as the rest of them, Monesy quickly made its way to the pro level, with his incredible aggressiveness and impressive flicks with the AWP, but he is also from the new generation of players that are even more into skins collection, and choosing what knife fits his style the best ! He is currently playing with a Stiletto Ruby and a Skeleton Slaughter !

Next up is G2 in-game leader Hooxi, the Gigachad, leading G2 to victory whilst still making big numbers in games ! Hooxi’s part in G2’s victories isn’t to prove anymore, and he also has great tastes in skins, playing with a M9 Bayonet Sapphire and a Karambit Ruby, making it look like Morpheus, with the blue and red pill !

Last part of G2’s roster is the Australian superstar JKS, being an instrumental part of G2’s victories over the last year, supporting the team through flashes and smokes, and with a perfect style ! JKS is rocking a Butterfly vanilla as his only knife, mixing simplicity and style !

The TOP 5 Other Pros Knives Skins

We have now been reviewing what stylish knives all the pros of the 3 best teams of 2023 look like, let’s take a look at what knives are the other pros playing with. In the next part of the blog, we will review 5 pros’ favorite knives, to give you great ideas of the style of each one ! !

Let’s start this second list by the best player in the world in CS:GO history, S1mple ! He has been winning countless tournaments and trophies since and has been the top 1 player in the world since 2018, only missing the top 1 in 2019 and 2020 by a small margin to Zywoo ! Over the years, s1mple has been collecting and playing with a wide variety of knives including Blue Gem Case Hardened Karambits, Butterfly emeralds, Karambit Rubies and more !

Completing the trinity of World best AWPers with a TOP 3 award, part of the Astralis incredible 4 majors run, Device is amongst the best players to have ever touched a version of Counter-Strike, clinching the 3rd spot in the ranking for 4 years, but also the number 2 one time, his legacy and play style has been an inspiration for every AWP player in the game ! Device favorite knives are the M9 bayonet Slaughter and the Butterfly Sapphire !

Next up on the list is the player that knifed Flusha in the ESL One Cologne 2015 grand final, you already guessed it, a reference in the french scene, NBK, that has helped the french scene to win 2 majors, in 2014 and 2015 ! NBK karambit Doppler Phase 1 is still remaining as a reference for the french scene as NBK’s signature knife !

And when we talk about the French scene, it’s hard not to talk about the legendary AWPer, notorious for his incredible flicks, as well as his aggressive playstyle, KennyS ! He impressed the world by one of his most famous highlights rocking a Flip Knife Doppler phase 1 with his famous “Magic Stick” AWP, but KennyS also likes Karambit, like the Karambit Lore, or M9 Bayonets, like the M9 slaughter and also Butterfly Knives !

We are continuing our list with a player that has been on the BIG team longer than anyone else, cumulating more than 6 years as a rifler, one tapping its way through tournaments, tabseN ! His favorite knives are the Classic knife, coming from CS 1.6 and the Huntsman Knife, with no favorite skins in particular !

Next up is one longtime teammate of tabseN in BIG, now in 00Nation, you named it, the German AWPer, Syrson ! Number 10 player of the world in 2020, Syrson impressed with his consistency over countless tournaments, but also by the look of his skins, with knives like the M9 Bayonet Lore, or any of the Classic Knives !