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Electric Hive

  • Slide Electric Hive Top - Mousepad - KNIFYSlide Electric Hive - Mousepad - KNIFY

    Slide – Electric Hive

  • Sold OutSlide NE Electric Hive - Mousepad - KNIFYSlide NE Electric Hive - Mousepad - KNIFY

    Slide NE – Electric Hive


About Real Electric Hive skins - CS2 IRL Replica

One of the very first skin to have a random pattern back in 2013 with the Esport 2013 Winter Case, the electric hive has been one of the fans favorite skins on the AWP since then ! It has a wide variety of colors available on it, with hexagons colored from orange to purple in a faded pattern.

We chose to gather the best pattern possible on our Electic Hive here at Knify, with a fade gradient going from orange to purple on our Slide and Slide NE mousepads !