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Tactical Knives

  • TACTICAL KNIFE – Default

  • TACTICAL KNIFE – Prism Blue

  • TACTICAL KNIFE – Prism Fade


About Real CS Tactical Knives

Coming as the starting knife of every Valorant player, Tactical knives are well known and appreciated knives. With a particular angled blade, and teeth on top, they are recognizable easily among valorant knives and declined in some variants like the Prism, the Ego or the Smite !

At Knify we want to make sure youโ€™re satisfied and that is the reason why we are putting all our efforts on providing you with the most realistic and reliable version of the knife ! The Tactical knife comes with a 19 cm, 3CR13 steel blade and a polymer handle, making the knife around 34 cm long in total. You also have the opportunity to personalize your Tactical knife by adding a StatTrak and a NameTag in order to make it mean something more for you !

This Tactical Knife comes with a variety of skins to choose from, like the Default, Prism Blue and Prism Fade variants ! With Knify, youโ€™ll get the best quality knives, with a careful selection of every paint, engraving and coating, to make the knife look as good as its in-game counterpart. Tactical Knives are coming in sharp and dull versions.