How do Kpoints work ?

Exchange your Kpoints for € !

Kpoint, what is it ?

Kpoints are points that you earn when you buy one or more products on our website or when you perform certain actions such as leaving a Google Review for example. A certain number of Kpoints is allocated for each product according to its value as well as for each action.

How do I know how many Kpoints my product is worth ?

The number of Kpoints is displayed on each product. The number of points is to the right of the product image above the stock status icon. It is displayed in red.

What are Kpoints used for ?

You can exchange your Kpoints for exclusive gifts, or accumulate them in your customer account to use them on your next order. You can also convert them directly into Euros which you will use in a future order to buy any product in stock on the site.

How to earn more Kpoints ?

– By purchasing products on our site you earn the number of Kpoint corresponding to the product(s) purchased: 0.01€ spent = 1 Kpoint.
– By leaving review on items purchased on the site, be careful, only comments approved and published on the KNIFY site will earn you Kpoints: 20 Kpoints.
– By leaving a Google review on KNIFY: 40 Kpoints.

What is the value of 1 Kpoint ?

Each Kpoint equals 0.01€