Bayonet Knife – REAL CS:GO KNIVES

The Bayonet knife is a fixed blade knife, it differs from the M9 Bayonet knife by the absence of teeth on the top of the blade. It is (with the M9 Bayonet) the biggest CS:GO knife with 32cm long and almost 500 grams ! This IRL replica has a fully functional attachment system. Used by many pro players, we paid special attention to its design when creating it. Our Bayonet Knife is bigger and more detailed, you now have the option to add a StatTrak and a NameTag of your choice ! Find 6 different Bayonet knives skins and exclusive KNIFY® including the rarest and most sought-after skins like Lore, Fade or Slaughter. Our Bayonet Knives are all available in sharp and dull versions.

6 Bayonet

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      • Dull
      • Sharp
        • Asiimov
        • Autotronic
        • Blue Steel
        • Case Hardened
        • Crimson Web
        • Damascus
        • Doppler Blackpearl
        • Doppler Emerald
        • Doppler Phase 2
        • Doppler Ruby
        • Doppler Sapphire
        • Electric Hive
        • Fade
        • Freehand
        • Gamma Doppler Phase 4
        • Knives
        • Lore
        • Marble Fade
        • Night
        • Slaughter
        • Tiger Tooth
        • Ultraviolet
        • Vanilla
          • NameTag
          • StatTrak
            • Glossy
            • Matte
            • Shiny